Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Talking pot behind closed commission doors

Little bit of background on this before you read the hilarious, rofl, article below:

In Fayette County, Georgia, one of the County Commissioners was pulled over for driving a car with an expired tag. When the sheriff's deputy walked up to the car, the windows were all rolled down, but the smell of marijuana was still overpowering. Long story short, Commissioner Robert Horgan first lied, said nothing illegal, then gave permission to search the vehicle, then told 'em there was pot under his seat. AND he admitted to smoking pot while driving. Not only wrong, but stupid, too, huh? THEN he wanted to know what he could do right then to make the problem go away. He should have been charged with attempted bribery. What a dufus this dork is.

There's a big stink going on in Fayette but Horgan is refusing to resign. He calls himself a Republican, although according to the friend who sent me this, you have to be Republican in the county to get elected so there are a lot of RHINOs floating around.

This bit below is an editorial in one of the local papers. It is a great piece, excellently written, loved it. It would help to know the people better, but it's still great, and sad at the same time. Can't include the whole article so click the link at the end to finish reading it. (Thanks to my blogger friend JD for forwarding this to me!)

Talking pot behind closed commission doors

Scene: The Fayette County Commission goes behind closed doors for an executive session devoted to “personnel matters.”

Commission Chairman Jack Smith: “Robert, you’ve put me in a bad spot with this pot bust of yours.”

Commissioner Robert Horgan: “Let me light up first. I need to mellow out. My nerves are shot.”

Commissioner Eric Maxwell: “You are innocent until proven guilty, Robert. I’m an attorney, and I sue people. So, who do you want to sue for arresting such a peaceful, upstanding, law-abiding — uh, well, you know what I mean.”

Commissioner Herb Frady: “Zzzzzzzzzzz.”

Smith: “Wake up, Herb! This is serious.”

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