Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Give it a break New York Times

Isn't it bizarre the way some libs just can't move on with their lives? I can just picture Carol Kawsuk Yoon sitting around sipping a drink with her friends yucking it up because she slipped this zinger into a scientific piece. It's a cry for acceptance, a cry for inclusion.

Leave your lib leanings at home where they belong when you're writing, puleeze.

Wall Street Journal: Wannabe Pundits

Carol Kaesuk Yoon of the New York Times gets points for creativity in working a wisecrack about George W. Bush into the lead paragraph of a science piece:

After producing superlatives like the world's biggest statue of a jackrabbit and the nation's most unpopular modern-day president, Texas can now boast what may be its most bizarre and undoubtedly its slimiest topper yet: the world's largest known colony of clonal amoebas.
Texas amoebas that get in trouble with the law also face a problem with prison overcrowding. The correctional facility where they are housed has only one cell.

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